Join a battle NOW!

03/09/2014 16:28

You are now a soldier of Captain Strike! Do you know how to join a battle?

There are two (2) ways to join a battle in Captain Strike.

1.      Quick Match.

From the loading screen, you choose the “Play” menu, which leads to the below screen. In the “Fight” tab, pick one of the match modes and join. The system will find an available match or create a new match that fits your level.

2.      Betting.

In the same “Play” menu, this time you move to the “Betting” tab as below. You can see all the ongoing matches, choose one to join.

Or you can create a new match.

At the moment, there are 6 maps for you to choose. Pick one, then press to the “Setting” button to set up your match.

In the Setting section, you must bet an amount of Gold, set the mode, the final score, the number of players, and etc. Then press “Create Room” to start the betting match.

In Betting Match there are 3 play modes: Free to play, Team Battle, Team DeathMatch.


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