The Official Forum of Captain Strike is now OPEN

11/09/2014 16:02

The official forum of Captain Strike is now UP AND RUNNING at


The opening of this forum really is a great news to all of us because, as you know, our vision is to create the first true e-Sport community for a mobile shooting game and this forum is another huge step towards that mission.

We hope that this will be the main channel through which the members of our family communicate with each other and contribute to the growth of Captain Strike as a whole.

The THREE main sections of the forum that are waiting to be explored are:


Captain Strike Official: all of the official announcements, notices, and tutorials are in this category, you can also request new features, report bugs, or ask for help with technical issues here.

Gameplay Discussion: in this category are all the serious stuffs >.< jk but you can find in-depth discussions about anything that is related to the gameplay of Captain Strike. In the future, we are also going to feature subforums for members of different Clans to gather here.

Recreation Lounge: Captain Strike is fun, but its community is exhilarating! In this section you can just have a good time with other awesome members of the forum by chatting, sharing interesting images, videos, showing off your artistic talents, and so on.

Go ahead guys! POST! This is now all yours :)

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